10 Reasons You Might Need a Blockchain Recruiter in 2021

Let’s face it. Getting your dream job can be very challenging nowadays. The job market is highly competitive. There’s always someone who has better credentials than you. So between him and you, it’s likely he’ll get the job. The same challenge is true with companies. Getting the right person for the position can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Candidates may look good on paper but may disappoint once on the job. The world of blockchain is no stranger to this. Which is why it pays to have a blockchain recruiter to connect the right talent with the right company.

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Blockchain Recruiter TodayJob seekers face a more competitive job market today. To achieve a successful job hunt can take a lot of time, effort, and perhaps resources too. The process is not only time-consuming but also, at times, daunting.

It’s easy for applicants to lose hope and get bogged down in the world of job boards.

Send a thousand application letters and only to yield a few responses back. It can be exhausting, draining job seekers of any expectation that something good will come out of their endeavor.

Companies also face these recruitment challenges.

Staffing with the strong talent entails costs. It may not seem like it, but companies actually spend thousands of dollars throughout the recruiting process. Let’s break it down.

  • A good share of the costs goes to the HR staff—the company’s in-house recruitment personnel. This relates to their salaries, bonuses, and other employment benefits. You also need to consider the costs relating to their training.
  • In the recruitment process, the managers and HR staff will spend time discussing the job openings and the preferred qualities and other traits of the candidates. That’s time, which is better spent on something that’s generating income for the company.
  • Advertising takes a big portion of the cake too. Companies spend to make their hiring announcements—whether it’s through social media or conventional modes like TV, radio, and print.
  • The company also needs to spend money and time screening each candidate. Then there’s the interview and, in some cases, re-interview stages. And let’s not forget, there’s background checking too.
  • If the ideal candidate isn’t found, the HR staff will take these steps again. With an entirely new process comes the additional costs.
  • A significant share of the costs also pertains to the training and lost productivity of the hired employees.

With these considerations into play, more or less, the company spends somewhere in the vicinity of a five-digit figure. For a small organization, this “investment” is just too much; it’s out of the budget already.

The world of blockchain is no stranger to recruitment woes. Job seekers and companies go through the same challenges that those outside of this sphere face. Which is why having a blockchain recruiter can greatly help. It’s an advantage not only to companies but also to candidates looking to work in blockchain technology.

Should Companies Use a Blockchain Recruiter?

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Blockchain Recruiter TodayFor smaller-sized companies, definitely yes! A blockchain recruiter is a must. With the manpower already limited, the employees’ time is very much stretched, and they are already overloaded with their tasks. So why would companies pull away precious manpower from their designated assignments? In the guise of saving money, it’s time off from essential tasks, which can only affect the bottom line.

However, to be fair, a dedicated staff may be a good idea for organizations that hire regularly, like once or twice a month. An in-house recruiting team can reasonably perform all HR tasks such as recruiting, screening, and conducting interviews. According to CareerBuilder, HR teams within companies can easily receive and review up to 75 applications for every job opening. There is ample time to read each cover letter and résumé in the hopes of finding the right talent for the position.

Frequent and Infrequent Hiring

Now, with that being said, it’s not a good idea to have an in-house recruiting staff for blockchain companies that hire infrequently. In the same vein, it is not advisable to maintain such staff for companies that hire more than once or twice a month. Doing so may seem frivolous and counterproductive.

An in-house staff for companies hiring infrequently is just an added operating cost, which these organizations can dispense with. The staff’s function can be performed with equal, if not better, efficiency by a recruiting agency. This frees up the companies and their employees from the cost, time, and effort associated with recruiting, screening, and hiring new people.

Frequent-hiring companies (those hiring considerably more than once or twice a month) also need outside recruiters. While having an in-house department for this function helps, it won’t be friendly on the budget. Instead of investing on an HR department, why not have a recruiting firm to do the function.

Also, frequent hiring causes these companies to juggle tasks more than it could handle. With an increased volume of candidates to review, most companies may not be able to deal with the challenge.

Having a blockchain recruiter will not only get the right person for the job. It may be the best option if companies truly want to get the most bang for their buck.

10 Benefits of Having a Blockchain Recruiter

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Blockchain Recruiter TodayApplicants will always be there, but the good candidates are hard to find. Unless the company is Apple or Google or any other well-established organization, chances are the top talent won’t be lining up to take the job. So it helps to have a blockchain recruiter sell the company to prospective individuals

With their finger on the pulse of the job market, blockchain recruiters know the goings-on. They know how to get in touch with the available talent. While other companies struggle to get the ideal candidates, organizations working with a blockchain recruiter will have eyes and ears in the job market.

On the part of the job seekers, it can be frustrating not to hear back from the company. But working with a blockchain recruiter can increase the chances of getting hired. Recruiters have a vast network, which can help connect applicants to the ideal organizations. It’s like having one foot in the door already.

For companies and job seekers, you can steer clear of the competitive market. You can avoid the stress of the time-consuming and even daunting process. Here are 10 of the many advantages of having a blockchain recruiter.

1. Access to the Right Talent or Job Openings

A blockchain recruiter can open the doors to jobs and people not apparently available. This recruiting specialist has access to unpublicized information, which most people won’t see in the open. With an inside track into the blockchain industry, this recruiter can give you the connection you need.

Most companies don’t often share their job openings publicly. So what happens is that the in-house staff will attempt to fill the positions privately.

Without a blockchain recruiter, potential candidates will never even have the chance to apply for the job. This usually deprives the companies with valuable alternatives to choose from; it only has a limited talent pool.

2. Smaller Pool of Talent

Make no mistake about having a smaller pool of talents versus limited talent pool. By limited, the company is restricted to explore the full potential of the candidate market. But with a smaller pool, you can expect the selection has already been filtered. What remains in the pool are dependable, top talent.

That’s what a blockchain recruiter can provide. A smaller talent pool, which already underwent a selection process, weeding out the not from the good bunch.

3. Having a Personal Advisor by Your Side

A blockchain recruiter will not only help you get the right talent or job; he can also act as your personal advisor on things related to employment.

To job seekers, a blockchain recruiter can advise them on what are the best practices to secure the job. For companies, he can update them on the prevailing salary rates and other regulations as well as advise them on the economically feasible options.

4. Eliminates Longer Waiting Time for Feedback

One of the frustrating things in the hiring process is not hearing back from the company or, in the latter’s case, the applicant. With a blockchain recruiter, there’s someone who can provide updates on the status of the application.

For job seekers, this is important. To know if they didn’t get the job as early as possible will help them so they could move on to another job prospect. Companies too can benefit from knowing if their selected candidate is willing to push through with the application. Otherwise, they can pick the next interested candidate.

5. No Need for Job Boards

Why waste your time on job boards? Whether you’re the applicant or the company, searching using job boards is just a vicious, time-consuming cycle. And most of the time, it’s fruitless too. One scrolls down the board for the right job or candidate. Then comes the sending or receipt of applications. What follows next is perhaps the interview stage. But most often than not, it ends there. Companies and individuals have wasted their time looking for the right fit

This is eliminated with the help of a blockchain recruiter. He will connect the right talent with the right organization.

6. Save Time

Time is gold. For companies, it’s better to devote as much time and resources to income-generating activities. Deviate from this and it will affect the bottom line.

With a blockchain recruiter, companies need not devote considerable time, effort, and resources to find the right talent. They simply delegate the recruiting task and go on their usual business.

And it’s not just time. Companies save money too. Think about it. They won’t have to invest in an in-house staff, which entails overhead expenses like salary and other benefits for these employees. With a blockchain employer, companies simply pay a certain amount as incentive for every successful hire. That amount is minimal compared to maintaining an in-house recruitment crew.

7. Knows What Job Seekers and Organizations Want

A blockchain recruiter understands the dynamics in the industry. He knows what companies are looking for in a blockchain technologist. At the same time, he knows the worth of a blockchain technologist and services.

Think of a blockchain recruiter as a bridge. He connects the right people with the right organization. He knows what a typical candidate is looking for; i.e., salary rates, hours of work, and other terms and conditions of employment.

He also knows how to attract potential technologists on behalf of companies. As most would want to work with a bigger industries, a blockchain recruiter can make small companies more appealing to candidates.

It’s a win-win situation for both applicants and companies.

8. Access to strategic skills

Companies need a blockchain recruiter if they want access to key strategic skills. With the shortage of blockchain talent, this can pose a problem, hindering the growth of companies.

While the logical option is to step up on in-house recruiting, this may be not as effective as having someone like a blockchain recruiter who has a vast network in the job market. A blockchain recruiter brings flexible solutions and experienced help, whether for long-term projects or short-term initiatives.

9. Short-Term, Freelance, or Part-Time Work

For companies who may not be ready to fill permanent positions or just looking to have someone do short-term projects, a blockchain recruiter can supply them with the right talent. Understandably some companies have openings for project-based or seasonal work. This can be difficult especially when most candidates prefer long-term employment.

On the other hand, there are blockchain talent that wouldn’t want to be tied down to one company. Some seek freelance gigs in the hopes of having to find another one on the side. Multiple jobs, so to speak.

A blockchain recruiter can help these types of companies and job seekers come up with some sort of an arrangement that’s mutually beneficial.

10. More Options

With a blockchain recruiter’s help, companies get a lot of options when it comes to manpower. They can ask the latter to give them, for example, three to five candidates for each opening. Companies can select from any of the recommended individuals. Or they may opt not to and ask for more candidates. This arrangement assures companies that they get the right hire for every available position.