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This writing is my humble attempt to make complex technology understandable and approachable. I focus my research on cryptocurrencies & exchanges, data science, and emerging technologies, such as blockchains, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, and much more.

Data Science  

Big Data! Machine Learning! Artificial intelligence algorithms! This new lingo is taking the finance and wider business world by storm. We personally review each and every product or service covered in these posts, and we provide an objective perspective of what tools are the most powerful in solving real-world data-oriented problems. We also featured advanced research and client case studies from Basel Ismail.


Aside from cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and data science, there are countless other topics within the realm of technology that are fascinating! This is an opportunity for us to highlight some of those emerging technologies which are either currently being implemented as transformative products or are planning on becoming disruptive forces of nature.

Some companies I’ve worked for and advised…

I help with data science, enterprise technology, blockchain implementations + cryptocurrencies, depending on client needs.


Helping You Make The Right Decisions in Data, Crypto, and Tech

Companies that thrive at the intersection of technology and business need highly specialized team members with specific skill sets. I am hyper-focused on crypto technology and advanced financial methods, and I offer a unique depth of understanding of the blockchain and financial tech industries. My knowledge and expertise help me recommend only the best possible information for my readers.

I recognize that blockchain developers are a breed apart from other IT professionals, and they are often driven by a passion for the ideology that blockchain represents as well as a desire to develop that technology in innovative ways. Finding talented developers and other blockchain and financial technology experts is not as simple as posting an open position on a job board; in fact, the best performers are usually involved in multiple projects of their own or in work for another organization.

In addition to advanced education, I combine years of experience in technology, finance, and business leadership. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies, successfully building out teams and technology infrastructure from scratch. Throughout my careers, I have focused on the power of technology to make businesses more competitive and to create real social value for consumers everywhere. Moreover, I have the blessing of speaking multiple languages, I am able to exert a reach beyond national borders.

I personally believe that blockchain has the power to shape the future, not only as a platform for alternative currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum but also as a means to better secure data and more fully decentralize control over information. No longer an outlier in the world of finance, blockchain technology is becoming mainstream as nearly every global bank in 2018 is exploring its benefits, many partnering with fintech companies to increase their competitiveness.

As the demand for blockchain specialists grows, I predict that it will become more and more challenging for blockchain and fintech companies to find leaders and team members with the experience and expertise necessary to bring their projects to fruition. My mission with this site is to help current and prospective blockchain/data/technology professionals by providing industry relevant information that will help drive their career forward, and I try to do it in a fun way! That is one way that I can make a meaningful contribution to the technologies and a future that I believe in.

I have always tried to be a long-term value creator. As I am hyper-specialized on blockchain technology and advanced financial technologies, I am able to be nimble and competitive, and that lends itself well to provide detailed recommendations. The majority of my career has been focused on how to leverage technology to drive decision making, how to use it as a sustainable competitive differentiation, how to drive results while still having strategic objectives in mind, and finally creating environmental and social value through our partnership programs with non-profit organizations in emerging markets. These experiences drive my passion to provide value to all my readers.

Leaders in the blockchain and fintech industries typically have experience in such areas as application development, information security, crypto-technology, and management. With my connections and experience in these industries, I am able to reach out to professionals for their educated opinions and thoughts on everything I publish. Several of my readers are fintech and blockchain companies, and they tend to be innovators who are engaged in disrupting the status quo through new technology. Finding team members with highly specialized skills, knowledge of cutting-edge technology, and the drive to innovate is crucial to their work.


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