About Me

Here is a little bit about my story: firstly, my name is Basel Ismail and I am a Blockchain researcher, data scientist, and financial technologist. Secondly, thank you for visiting and I hope you like what I have prepared for you.

I have stood up multiple new business units for fortune 50 companies, I have an MBA from Cornell University, an MS in Information Security and Risk Management from Norwich University, and a BComm in Computer Network Engineering from Ryerson University.

I love what I do and I am proud of what I am able to accomplish with my site. I decided to pursue this to provide meaningful content to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professionals, traders, investors, and recreational aficionados of all forms of blockchain and decentralized technology, data scientists and researchers, students, professors, PhD candidates, etc… If the solution has been built on some form of Blockchain or leveraging machine learning or other types of algorithms, then it is IN-SCOPE :).

I also love to provide objective, unbiased, and neutral product reviews. For example, I personally go through each and every cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency usage and applications, and cryptocurrency wallet, BEFORE recommending or vouching for it. There are countless impersonators and crooks in this space, and it is immensely important to stay vigilant and honest throughout. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the detailed analysis, reviews, commentary, and feedback across my pages. The content on this site is one-hundred percent unique and has not been duplicated in anyway at all.