What is Blockchain Talent Acquisition? 2021 Guide

Are you a tech startup or an established company? How do you fill your job postings? Do you advertise on online boards or job portals? Do you go to social media? Forget those methods. For a more effective blockchain talent acquisition, get in touch with a seasoned recruiter.

What Type of Blockchain Talent Acquisition Can You Help Me With?

Times have changed. Blockchain development was a fringe-technology. People who worked on these projects do it out of passion.

Blockchain was once an outsider interest. Early enthusiasts look beyond its commercial impact or financial gain for their own. They had a vision for the future. Their shared goal was to create a decentralized monetary system. They focused on creating a new currency, which will be used as an accepted form of payment online. Much of the strong ideas also entertained cryptography.

The World of Blockchain

What Type of Blockchain Talent Acquisition Can You Help Me With?In that blockchain community, virtually everyone knows everyone. The group had its fair share of geniuses, conservatives, and capitalists. Yet there was unity despite the diversity. After all, they all had one vision. It was to develop a technology that’s useful and to advance it further into the mainstream. As a result, this small community developed a tight-knit relationship.

Fast forward a couple of years. Here we are, hearing news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. Today blockchain technology plays a crucial role in many applications. It’s not just in cryptocurrency. Blockchain performs a fundamental function in a more automated environment.

Thus, blockchain talent acquisition reaches one of the all-time high levels today.

Looking for the Right Talent

Blockchain technology and the digital currency market saw an exponential rise in popularity. With so much news about cryptocurrency, it was pushed into the mainstream.

Yet despite the relative success of the technology, there is an underlying problem. The rapid rise of blockchain technology created a shortage of talent. Demand for blockchain developers moved faster than the supply can catch up.

Take this trend as of mid 2016. Did you know there were about 9 million Java developers? Also, there were 18.5 million software developers worldwide at that time. Compare that to blockchain developers. There were only 5,000 developers working on blockchain applications and cryptocurrency programs. It is ridiculously disproportionate.

Thus, it is incredibly difficult for a business to get the right blockchain developer. Those who can undertake the blockchain tasks are either of two things:

(1) preoccupied with many projects or
(2) simply not interested in taking in new work.

In view of this unique predicament, companies need to try new ways to find the right people for the job. This is where blockchain talent acquisition agencies can help.

Blockchain Talent Acquisition Challenges

What Type of Blockchain Talent Acquisition Can You Help Me With?Blockchain seems to be all around us. But the talent seemed scarce. How do most HR personnel address this issue? They resort to the usual method of recruiting and selecting employees. Unfortunately, this isn’t effective and reliable. In fact, it can be counterproductive to the blockchain talent acquisition process.

A typical process would begin with the submission of a candidate’s application. He or she then goes through the next stage, which is the interview phase. Then comes the salary negotiations. A significant part of the hiring process is focused on verifying the information. This is usually done by checking the veracity of the candidate’s credentials.

Why Typical HR Processes Don’t Work

The résumé-and-interview process will take considerable time, effort, and resources. But more importantly, it will not usually work in blockchain talent acquisition. It cannot properly show a candidate’s value to the organization. There’s no way to verify his or her performance or work history.

Blockchain developers are a class of their own. They are unlike any other IT professional or employee in the workforce. This unique situation requires HR personnel to try different tactics.

Overcoming the Obstacles in Blockchain Talent Acquisition

Are you a tech startup or an established company? Is your organization embarking on a blockchain project? Then we may be able to assist you.

There are several premium recruiting and placement firm that operates in multiple industries. What they do is specialize in blockchain talent acquisition. I can help connect businesses with competitive resources. Their goal is to fill and refill specialized roles for your organization.

Their blockchain talent acquisition process may be summarized as follows:

Screening Process. Each candidate goes through a battery of tests. This is to assess their proficiency in blockchain, cryptos, and financial technology.

Live Coding Challenges. To ascertain their skill and competence, we will administer live coding exams. This can also help us assess their critical thinking ability.

Interview and Check References. Every candidate goes through extensive interviews. We will also verify his or her references and educational credentials.

I am proud to say my clients have been working with us for many years. Our contracts involve the recruitment, selection, and hiring of the following:

Blockchain developers
Smart contract engineers
Cryptography experts
Full-stack web developers and designers
Financial technologists and auditors
Project managers

If you’re looking for the most competitive resources, you can count on us. I will do all the lead work needed to ensure that you get the best talent for the job.