What services do blockchain solutions provider offer?

Blockchain technology solution providers typically focus on emerging financial technologies and cryptocurrencies. TheĀ blockchain solutions provider pursue opportunities to drive revenue and profit growth by offering custom product development for centralized or decentralized applications, training and development workshops, ICO end to end execution and management, and system integration services.

These companies can help your business define the problem and find the right financial technology solution.

Blockchain solutions provider- TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE

Key Areas: product development, system integration, managed service, sourcing and supplying of specialized resources

  • BuildĀ large scale enterprise cryptocurrency solutions for technology vendors, ERP and CRM providers, FinTech companies, and much more
  • Partner with emerging cryptocurrencies to release new features and functions for their platforms, provide technology strategy in an advisory capacity
  • Recover lost crypto funds and offering personalized cryptocurrency wallet solutions
  • Conduct formal audits on smart contract code pre and post ICO’s, using advanced formal verification methods

Blockchain solutions provider- INITIAL COIN OFFERING (ICO)

In response to the huge demand, several companies are now exclusively focusing on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). They have a comprehensive service that they offer organizations that are doing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the scope of service can range from pre-ICO, during-ICO, and all the way to post-ICO, and if requested, provide regular on-going support post token issuance/distribution. All of this is completed alongside working on the technology infrastructure (complimentary or as a managed service), if needed, to actually build the product for the clients. The solution will, of course, be customized to client needs, however, the ICO specific options that you will typically see on the market are:

  • ICO website, white paper, academic literature and peer-reviewed research (preferable), sneak peeks and teaser releases
  • ICO programming code, if the token will be Ethereum compatible (e.g. ERC-20 compatible) then it would be smart contract code
  • ICO distribution strategy, token holder structure
  • ICO terms and conditions, programming hold periods and/or covenants into the underlying token
  • ICO brand and advertising solutions, marketing at grassroots levels to build support and excitement
  • ICO code repository (e.g. Git Hub) design, creation, and implementation with key contributors and community involvement
  • ICO disaster recovery plan and business continuity planning and execution at the time of ICO sale
  • Post-ICO solution design, product development, from minimal viable product (MVP) to commercial ready solution
  • Post-ICO communication strategy, penetration methods for social and professional media profiles
  • Post-ICO calibration of branding and advertising strategy, open channel of communication with customers
  • Post-ICO investor analysis, customer profiles, demographic and psychographic analysis
  • Post-ICO cryptocurrency exchange entrance strategy, first impressions are critical

Depending on the urgency and the available budget, the clients pick and choose a few of the above services or they can deliver the entire solution end to end, which is what has taken place multiple times the past two years.

Blockchain solutions provider- EDUCATION

Key Areas: training, learning and development, workshops, hackathons, conference and customized seminars

  • Create tailor-made educational content on:
    • What is Bitcoin and the Blockchain?
    • How to buy and secure cryptocurrencies?
    • How to diversify an investment portfolio with cryptocurrencies and other securities?
    • How to build decentralized applications on public blockchains
    • Ethereum Smart contract boot camps
  • Produce in-depth, multi-disciplinary, hands-on training programs on Blockchain technology. Past workshops include:
    • Why is Blockchain tech. disruptive?
    • How to keep cryptocurrencies secure using different wallet solutions
    • Ethereum and Bitcoin fundamentals
    • How to setup a multicoin mining rig
    • How to write advanced smart contracts that bridge across multiple Blockchains